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My name is Susan Farris and I am writing to give testimony, not only to the benefits of massage therapy, but and more especially, Jayson Serrano as a practitioner of therapeutic massage and healing.

I was in Florida on vacation visiting family when I experienced a horrible pulled muscle and I was in more pain than I had known was possible.  I went on line to search for a massage therapist, I talked to Jayson first and told him I was "shopping" for a massage therapist.  He did not get pushy like several others I  spoke with, he simply stated his belief in his skills humbly and sincerely.  

He was my choice.  I cannot tell you how patient he was with me, I can, however tell you how much he pushed me but always with encouragement and patience.  He inflicted pain that I would not have imagined possible!  However always with the promise that tomorrow it would feel better and each day after a massage IT GOT BETTER.  He not only practices with skill and expertise, he practices with his whole heart and soul.  I truly felt cared about and as if I were the only patient he had to worry about.

I totally believe he is the reason I am up, bouncing around and getting ready for the 1500 mile trek back home!!

Jayson practices with a sincere, heartfelt concern for his patients as well as a great level of skill.

My name is Susan Farris and I WILL come back to see Jayson Serrano when I am back in this area



  1. * “I had a very sore neck and clavicle muscles due to a weight lifting strain that was aggravated by a weekend of rigorous tuna fishing in the Keys. I explained my issue to Jayson, he listened intently and suggested a medical neck and back massage. Jayson is a trained and certified expert. The service was amazing. This was by far the best massage I ever had. He identified immediately what my issues were and methodically went to work on a specialized massage treatment. I was blown away by Jayson, and by his professionalism. Try him, and you won’t be disappointed,”
  2. happy client.
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